Shocking truth: outsourcing architectural drafting services

With the world of visualization and technology at its reach, it has new chaos i.e. delivery. Architectural drafting services providers have lent their support to overcome this crisis. You can outsource time-consuming architectural drafting services which comprise drafting and detailing from a single apartment to large residential and commercial buildings, and complex projects which include general layout, plan, elevation & sections to reliable CAD drafting service providers, who understand design, construction, and deliver high quality of work in a timely manner and help architect to focus on their creativity thereby solving time & money constraints.

architectural drafting services

Outsourcing architectural drafting services

1. Quality Work

Architectural drafting services providers have qualified professionals trained to execute architectural CAD work as per different industry standards of architectural, engineering, or construction services. They have the experience to understand designs from per manufacturing or construction standpoint. The drawing follows a stringent process to achieve desired quality and further iteration of drafting and modeling is avoided.

2. Cost Saving

When you outsource your architectural CAD work it gives a tremendous boost to cost savings as you don’t need to hire full-time resources. You simply ask for services as per your project requirement of any duration.  You can utilize your precious time.

3. Manpower

Architectural drafting services can help you to engage fewer resources and reduce liability on idle periods. Companies can sign contracts with architectural CAD outsourcing companies as per requirement.

4. Timely delivery

Architectural drafting services providers engage resources as per client requirements and timelines. If there is more work, Architectural drafting services providers engage more resources to complete and deliver within the stipulated timeframe. You have better chances of winning more projects relying on Architectural drafting services providers.

5. Working with Talents

There is a huge opportunity for companies to work with talents across the globe since the work is done from remote locations. Companies in different locations like USA, UK, Europe, or the Middle East can easily hire cost-effective manpower from Architectural drafting services providers located in India, etc.

6. Networking & Connections

Architectural drafting services providers have opportunities to work with various companies. They have interacted with and understood the client’s requirements and help in business growth leading to strong bonding and connections.

7.  Modelling & Drafting as per industry standard

Architectural drafting services providers are into multi-domain segments such as architectural, mechanical etc. Outsourcing Architectural CAD services benefit you immensely as modeling & drafting are executed following industry standards by specialists having domain knowledge. They function specifically in 2D engineering drawings, 3D CAD drawings for construction, and cad drafting services.

8. Iteration of Drawing

At times you require modifying your drawings during the design development stage. It could be hectic to manage minor modifications. If work is outsourced to Architectural drafting services providers who have high experience to manage data as per change history and thus help clients to keep track of engineering changes.

9. Confidentiality

Architectural drafting services providers sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with their clients and assured them of confidentiality and data protection. Various online software platforms can be used for accessing, reviewing models, and drafting work executed by outsourced companies.

10. Additional Repository

For instance, you might have lost your files i.e. modeling or drafting files and you know that drawings are critical for your company. If you have outsourced your work to Architectural drafting services providers you can ask for data multiple times. It will help you to mitigate the risk of losing your data and technical know-how.

11. Software Licenses

There is a huge investment cost for software licenses. So purchasing and further renewing will add cost and thereby reduce your profit percentage. If you outsource your CAD work, you need to worry about software purchases as Architectural drafting services providers have all required licenses to execute the work.

12. Documentation & Bill of Material

Architectural drafting services providers are pretty much capable of preparing bills of material using spreadsheets and calculating various costs to meet your need.

architectural design services, cad drafting services

Types of architectural drafting services

  • Freehand sketch/concept/redline to CAD
  • Architectural floor plans, elevations, sections & site plans
  • Sanitation and Piping plans
  • Furniture Products
  • Architectural millwork drawings
  • Kitchen Cabinet drawings & drafting
  • Architectural casework shop drawings
  • Full construction drawing set preparation
  • Converting paper drawings to AutoCAD

Architectural drafting services for different types of buildings

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial & Office Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • High & Low-rise Buildings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Parking Garages
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Furniture Manufacturers

Architectural design services

Comprehensive architectural design services for various projects related to 3D Model design, interior/exterior design, and 3D floor plans with 3D imaging allow clients to realize the inherent design potential in a project and take complete advantage of various CAD design abilities.

Architectural design services provider offers the latest trends and assures the best space management and energy analysis tailored to individual needs.

Architectural design services include

  • 3D Concept Design
  • 3D Interior Design
  • 3D Exterior Design
  • Modern Interior Design
  • Furniture Product Design
  • Landscape Design & Drafting
  • Architectural Layout Plan
  • Retail Space Planning
  • 3D floor & Roof Plans Design
  • Building Model Design
process for architectural drafting services

Outsourcing process for architectural drafting services

A team of qualified architects manages all the stages of outsourced projects from gathering requirements until the final delivery. A senior architect leads the team supported by internal policies of quality control, and work processes and ensures that the final output is accurate and reliable.

The design and drafting approach process is as follows:

Initial Stage

Necessary data on the project is collected and input files are analyzed during this initial stage, further necessary consultation on the types of services needed is provided.

Scope & Plan

Roles & Responsibilities, project schedules, resourcing, and cost estimation are set up.

Design & Draft

The team will work on the project detailing with utmost care & attention to detail, and exchange files with the client to ensure expectation is met.


Team revisits the plan; works on any alteration of conversion of the file as per need.

Deliver Results

Project on completion goes through three levels of internal quality control ensuring needs and requirements for the project are fulfilled assuring results with high quality on delivery.

Why outsource architectural drafting services?

  • Use of the latest upgraded software for 2D architectural drafting and detailing
  • Experienced drafters add requisite annotations i.e. text, dimension, and showcase for better representation
  • Expertise in converting hand-drawn sketches to a digitalized format
  • Provide detailed 2D drafting and 3D modeling for a single room to a large complex project without any difficulty
  • Working with a wide range of clients such as architects, designers, builders, developers, house owners, contractors, engineers, and managers.
  • High Quality and low cost


What is architectural CAD drafting?

Architectural CAD drafting enables users with more accurate, detailed designs than traditional hand drawings thereby allowing the development and implementation of the construction project at ease.

How is CAD implemented in architecture?

Architects use 2D plans to create their 3D designs. CAD drafting services thus enable architects to view different aspects and perspectives of a building project from within a single CAD program.

How can the Architectural CAD drawing be delivered?

Architectural CAD drawings being confidential and data-sensitive there is a secure way of delivery via email/file server or as per the client’s choice.

Why is Architectural CAD drafting important?

Architects can use CAD drafting from the planning stage onwards thus decreasing the design cycle timeline to a large extent. It saves a lot of time and effort to revise the design, and incorporate any changes to the original design needs even after the final render.

What is the turnaround time for architectural CAD drawing delivery?

Architectural drafting service provider delivers projects at the perfect time. Even share a perfectly designed date sheet at the start of the project to make sure the transparency of the whole project.

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