cad drafting services: 12 amazing benefits of outsourcing

Whether you are a company, professional, or student, you might be wondering what the benefit of outsourcing cad drafting services is. There is quite a lot. Outsourcing your CAD work to CAD service providers helps to control cost and time. Whether big or small, companies follow this to get high-quality work in a timely manner.

outsourcing cad drafting services

List of 12 amazing benefits of outsourcing cad drafting services

1. Quality Work

CAD service providers have qualified professionals trained to execute CAD work as per different industry standards of architectural, engineering or construction services. They have the experience to understand designs from per manufacturing or construction standpoint. The drawing follows a stringent process to achieve desired quality and further iteration of drafting and modelling is avoided.

2. Cost Saving

When you outsource your CAD work it gives a tremendous boost to cost savings as you don’t need to hire full-time resources. You simply ask for services as per your project requirement of any duration.  You can utilise your precious time.

3. Manpower

CAD outsourcing or freelancing CAD drafting services can help you to engage fewer resources and reduce liability on idle periods. Companies can sign contracts with CAD outsourcing companies as per requirement.

4. Timely Delivery

CAD service providers engage resources as per client requirements and timelines. If there is more work, CAD service providers engage more resources to complete and deliver within the stipulated time frame. You have better chances of winning more projects relying on CAD service providers.

5. Working with Talents

There is a huge opportunity for companies to work with talents across the globe since the work is done from remote locations. Companies in different locations like USA, UK, Europe or Middle East can easily hire cost-effective manpower from CAD service providers located in India etc.

6. Networking & Connections

CAD service providers have opportunities to work with various companies. They have interacted and understood the client’s requirements and helped in business growth leading to strong bonding and connections.

7.  Modelling & Drafting as per Industry Standard

CAD service providers are into multi-domain segments such as architectural, mechanical etc. Outsourcing CAD services benefit you immensely as modelling & drafting are executed following industry standards by specialists having domain knowledge.

8. Iteration of Drawing

At times you require modifying your drawings during the design development stage. It could be hectic to manage minor modifications. If work is outsourced to CAD service providers who have high experience to manage data as per change history and thus help clients to keep track of engineering changes.

9. Confidentiality

CAD service providers signed NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with their clients and assured them of confidentiality and data protection. Various online software platforms can be used for accessing, reviewing models and drafting work executed by outsourced companies.

10. Additional Repository

For instance, you might have lost your files i.e. modelling or drafting files and you know that drawings are critical for your company. If you have outsourced your work to CAD service providers you can ask for data multiple times. It will help you to mitigate the risk of losing your data and technical know-how.

11. Software Licences

There is a huge investment cost for software licences. So purchasing and further renewing will add cost and thereby reduce your profit percentage. If you outsource your CAD work, you need not worry about software purchases as CAD service providers have all the required licences to execute the work.

12. Documentation & Bill of Material

CAD service providers are pretty much capable of preparing bills of material using spreadsheets and calculating various costs to meet your needs.

cad drafting services

CAD Drafting Services – Profitable Investment

Architects, Engineering & Construction Companies and various establishments are digitally converting their paper drawings, and blueprints to accurate CAD drawings. Hence CAD Drafting is in demand

Check out the reasons why you should consider CAD Drafting Services

·         Competitive pricing saves extra revenue to outflow with huge profit margins

·         Chance to attract new clients with CAD drafting services and expand customer base.

·         No monetary investment to run your business

·         Fixed pricing to quicken the quotation process

·         Simplified Digital Work Process

cad drafting services, architectural cad drafting services

CAD Drafting Services Listings

o   CAD Conversion

Specialise in the conversion of paper drawings into accurate CAD drawings as per client’s or International Standards mostly architectural, engineering, civil, mechanical, structural, utility plans, site plans, & contour maps. They can handle almost all CAD platforms like AutoCAD (All versions), Microstation etc.

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process of producing technical drawing

Conversion process of producing a technical drawing

Employ manual processes to guarantee accurate conversion.

Drafter reviews the specs, understands the scope of work, sets up the environment as per standards i.e. layer, line type, dimension style, Text Style, Standard Blocks for consistency and executes the work. On completion, the On-screen Check ensures Quality & Accuracy.

o   Redline/As-Built

As-Built Mark-up service creates your as-built drawings or design modifications

o   File Format Conversion

You may need expert help to convert files from one format to another mainly DWG to DGN or vice versa, DWG/DGN to PDF without losing quality.

o   BIM Revit Services

Offer end-to-end BIM services for construction projects which includes

  • Modelling
  • Clash Coordination
  • Shop Drawings
  • Marketing Presentation
  • Facility Management
  •  BOQ
  • Revit Family Content Creation

 o   Scan to BIM Services

Scan to BIM process is faster, reliable and accurate reduces the chance of rework and cost to the company. It also provides accurate as-built data.

o   Hyperlinking Services

Hyperlinking PDFs can be a hard nut to crack, as it requires a painstaking effort to link drawing sets! Our service, it will help you to navigate through drawing real quick.


o   How much charge to convert a scan to AutoCAD drawing?

Offer easy-to-understand fixed sheet-based pricing like A0 to A4. We provide discounts on bulk orders for 25+ files. There are no other hidden charges.  

 o   What is the turnaround time?

Best in this industry when it comes to delivery. Smaller orders of 1 to 10 files can be delivered within 72 hours or less. Also, express i.e. next day delivery service on premium charges.

 o   What about Technical Queries?

 Always Open to discussing technical aspects. Also, offer samples for Customer evaluation.

o   Quality Assurance?

Work being QC process-driven ensures the best quality output.

Why Outsourcing?


Accurate and timely delivery and commitment speak of consistency


Take up the burden and save your precious time. This helps you to focus more on other important aspects like customer support and business development.

Strong Technical

Provide cost-effective, timely solutions to our clients. Specialise in diverse CAD software platforms


The Quality Assurance Process helps to deliver quality output, consistently.

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